Are you on the look for some games to try out this week? Then, don't have to look around anymore, here is our list of the best five new games on Android.

Pirates Outlaws

Pirates Outlaws is an RPG card-based and turn-based game with many loots and an assortment of environments for you to play. It sets out to do to the mobile platform what Slay the Spire did to PC, and while it didn't quite achieve that intention, it is still a great game worth checking out.

In the world of Pirates Outlaws, all you have to do is play cards and customize your deck for the best combos! Be careful when picking your character though because each comes with a different pre-made deck. Explore and earn your way to many gold and reputation. Be the best in Pirates Outlaws.

Brown Dust

Which the falling Emprise, now is the Great Mercenaries' Age ! Go out there, build your amazing team and put down your enemies!

Brown Dust is a new game coming from NEOWIZ. It is a game with turn-based battles, anime graphics, and the ability to collect many heroes.


Coming from SidKinG we have the new game Connect. It is a matching game, but the twist here is that you don't just match 3. Instead, you have to try to match as many as possible. Have fun playing disconnect and connect through this game!

FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter has come to us from the developer Oh BiBi. This is a new first-person shooting game which is quite competitive. One extra feature of this game is that it lets you swap out your heroes on the fly between the battle.

King of Crabs

So, the last game on our list is King of Crabs, a crab battle royale game. Get smart and get bigger soon, because size is all that matter in this game.