New titles are released for Android users every week. In this fourth week of July, Google Play store has welcomed several games to its platform, including a soccer dating simulator, a Japanese RPG, and a roguelike stealth action title.


DOOM is the game that first came out in 1993. This incredible FPS received tons of positive reviews and was really well-known amongst the community. So, due to its widespread popularity, this is something we can't recommend enough right now: just grab it, for old times' sake. It is now available on both Android and iOS.


This is a new RPG from the developer GAMEVIL. Elune takes place in a multi-dimension world which is full of danger. There are more than 200 collectible characters classified into 5 classes throughout your journey. The game also has a PvP mode allowing up to 5 players to battle simultaneously.

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics

The roguelike title Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics encourages players to set their own playstyle. You can either silently find your way to get through a level, or simply go into a beast mode and destroy all of the enemies. But remember, the map changes each time your character dies, so be ready to come up with different strategies every time!

Astral Chronicles

This JRPG will bring you to the world of Astral Realm which laying across forests, oceans, and an enormous city. You are free to recruit your own squad amongst 50 legendary characters within 5 different switchable classes. With more than 200 abilities to learn, Astral Chronicles seems to feature a lengthy campaign into a vast open world.

Venus Eleven

Being a soccer-related title, Venus Eleven is probably not for anyone. But this is the attempt of ZigZaGame to prove that two separate genres (soccer and anime dating) could make a great combination. The story is simple: you are having amnesia after a terrible accident. And in order to recover your memories, you decide to be a coach again, trying to train and date more than 100 girls to build the greatest soccer team - yeah... it makes as much sense as any other anime, so don't pay too much attention on that front, just enjoy your time with the cute girls.