With Godzilla: King of the Monsters hitting theaters at the end of the month, the iconic monster is making its presence known on the mobile gaming scene as well. The last week witnessed the arrival of Godzilla Defense Force on Android, which is a base-defense game featuring various monsters from the Godzilla universe. Aside from that, we have a few other notable titles as well. Check them out below:

Godzilla Defense Force

As mentioned above, Godzilla Defense Force tasks you with protecting several major cities across the world against the onslaught of monsters from the Godzilla universe. As you progress, you’ll also have the chance to recruit those monsters to actually fight for you.


Daggerhood is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with a new, interesting mechanic. In this game, you play as Vincent D. Daggerhood, a master thief who has been captured and thrown into a mysterious cavern full of danger.  He still has his trusty dagger to help him survive, though, and that is where the fun lies: Daggerhood can throw out his dagger and then teleport himself to its location when it’s flying. This mechanic will be crucial in overcoming the various platforming challenges that the game presents. Each level only lasts about 30-40 seconds, but if you want to find every treasure and get the best rating, you might have to try several times.




Archero is basically The Binding of Isaac, albeit on a smaller scale. It’s a vertically-oriented dungeon crawler with hundreds of levels and tons of monsters for you to battle through. On top of that, there are plenty of unique skills that you can combine however you wish to create your own playstyle.

Brave Order

Brave Order is a hybrid between Dota Auto Chess and a gacha RPG and Auto Chess. In this game, you’ll have various Heroes and troops that you can arrange in different formations before sending them out to face off against an opposing army.


#DRIVE is a new driving simulation game that draws inspiration from the action movies of the 70s. The gameplay is incredibly straightforward: You hop on a car and drive through several tracks and environments, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in the process.