Godzilla Defense Force is the newest mobile game with a Godzilla theme in which you are tasked with protecting different cities from across the globe against various monsters from the Godzilla universe. With Godzilla: King of the Monsters hitting theaters next week, it’s clear that this iconic monster is receiving a lot of attention. A few days ago, it was announced that Godzilla is also coming to the popular Battle Royale title PUBG Mobile as well.

Godzilla Defense Force Official Trailer

Godzilla Defense Force features tons of monsters from coming from 29 different Godzilla films, meaning players should never lack for content and the replay value is huge, especially if you want to collect every monster.

In term of gameplay, this is a pretty standard base management/strategy game that everyone should be able to quickly get into. Most of your time will be spent managing and defending your base from monster attacks, but there is also a little bit of card-collecting elements added into the mix.

Godzilla Base Defense
Protecting cities against various monsters

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to collect monsters to actually fight for you. These monsters are presented in the form of cards, and each will have their own traits and special attacks.

If you get tired from all the fighting or have a little bit of downtime when you have to wait for a structure in your base to be built, you can check out the monster codex, which offers detailed lore about each monster. Not only are these stories interesting to read, but they also provide you with a lot of useful information that will help improve your gameplay, such as which monster is strong or weak against which.

Godzilla Monsters
Many famous monsters from the Godzilla franchise will make an appearance.

Godzilla Defense Force is available right now on Google Play for free, although it does come with some in-app purchases for things like speeding up timers and the like. If you are interested, check it out.