Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel, the latest addition to Bandai Namco's ever-expanding library of mobile games, is now available for both Android and iOS. The game was originally expected to launch in December, but it seems things are moving a little bit ahead of schedule. Check out its trailer below:

This new RPG, as its title suggests, is based on the Alicization Arc of the popular anime Sword Art Online. That said, it will also feature some original content. The developer says that it wants to make a unique retelling of that arc by using a combination of the anime, novels, and new original story.

In terms of the gameplay, Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel promises to deliver a combat experience that’s similar to the anime itself with tons of flashy effects added to every move. You can see the trailer included above for a glimpse of this, and things certainly look pretty promising.

Sword Art Online Skils 2ba2_wm
Several skills with different effects and elements to master

The game includes several skills with different effects and elements for you to master, and while you are familiarizing yourself with the combat system, you'll also get to collect plenty of characters from the anime to assemble a party with. There will be more characters than just those involved in the Alicization Arc as well. Many faces from other arcs across the history of the series will make an appearance.

Sword Art Online Characters 1071_wm
Reunite with many characters from across the history of the series

Alicization Rising Steel is hardly the first Sword Art Online-themed game to come to mobile. Among several others, we got Memory Defrag a couple of years back, which we considered a decent enough title. Hopefully, though, Rising Steel will manage to provide a better experience. The game is available right now on both Google Play and the App Store as a free-to-play app with IAPs included.