Recently, YouTube king PewDiePie announced to take a long rest in 2020 and temporarily stop his activities on YouTube. Next year, this star YouTuber might focus on developing his game. Maybe Pewds will be titled as a game producer soon with his new game “Poopdie”. But Apply refused to launch PewDiePie’s new game on their App Store because they think it’s smelly.

PewDiePie Is Not Only The YouTube King

PewDiePie could be the most successful YouTuber in the world who made great fame and wealth from this video sharing platform. Up to now, he’s still the only individual YouTuber who has over 102 subscribers on his channel.


But do you know that PewDiePie is not only the YouTube King but also a talented game producer? After announcing to take a break from YouTube in the next day, this YouTuber revealed his new game, titled Poopdie. He also unveiled about this game project two years ago. Now, Poopdie is available on Google Play and Android users can download and play it for free.

Apple Rejected PewDiePie’s New Game

Definitely, Pewds also wants to see his game on Apple’s App Store. But unfortunately, this big technology company straightly refused to add his game to their app store. As Pewds shared, the reason Apple said “no” with his game because they thought it’s pretty “smelly”. Although the YouTuber didn’t give more details about this unsuccessful trade, fans could guess the plot or graphics of this game was the core reason.

Poopdie Got Rejected Dut To This Smelly Worm
Poopdie Got Rejected Dut To This "Smelly" Worm

The YouTube King shared he had sent Poopdie to Apple but they didn’t like the “smell” of this game. So, Poopdie is only available on Google Play. He also stated that he would do some improvements and make the game better. Thus, IOS users have to wait and hope that this mobile game will be soon available in the App Store.

Poopdie Is Available In Android
Poopdie Is Available In Android

PewDiePie’s new game is about the adventure of a worm named Poopdie. All the creatures always make fun of Poopdie because it farts too much. It’s also the special weapon of this worm, helping it defeat mysterious or cruel bosses on the way to defeat the beast Samron.