A brand new Role-playing Game called Arcane Quest Legends is now available on Android. It appears that the game is doing a great job emulating similar details of Diablo. Check out its official trailer below:

During the game you may experience stunning 3D graphics across the Realm of Auria. It’s visually gorgeous, along with a vast number of environments for you to discover from caves to forests and deserts.

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In this game, you are going to have the ability to build your own unique character and customize it in a way that matches your style of playing as you gradually become stronger and stronger.


What you need to do in the game is to complete the primary quests and also a lot of side quests. Arcane Quest Legends also offers some mini games for you to entertain yourself so as to break the action once you get bored. Besides, you can find the best allies who fit you the most and hire them to take part in this awesome adventure of yours.

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The game can also be played offline as it does NOT require an internet connected mobile phone, which allows you to get access to the game whenever and wherever you want.

The gameplay of Arcane Quest Legends goes back to the origin of the true hack & slash games. No more auto combat or grinding without an end, your skill will be the only thing you have to rely on to determine how successful you will turn out to be. Battle against gigantic bosses to find out your hero's true nature!

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The game doesn’t have a traditional class system. There is no set class, so you don't have to follow any beaten path. The only limit here is your imagination.

So, don’t hesitate and go straight to your Google Play Store right now to get this amazing, entertaining hack and slash Role-Playing Game downloaded to your phone.