Mobile players can now find the game Ares Virus available on both iOS and Android. This Role-Playing Game is basically a survival experience set in a zombie apocalypse with a top-down set up for the camera.

Ares Virus preview

In this game, the players will get the chance to become the last survivors remaining in a city which is under the threat of the zombies. This zombie apocalypse originated from a deadly virus called, you guess it, the "Ares Virus".

Ares Virus Resource 750x422
You need to manage your equipment carefully

However, the zombies are not the only thing that is threatening the players. Some of the NPCs with whom the players need to interact at some point may switch side and become their enemies. This all depends on their actions. The game’s ending is an open one, which means the players will be able to decide their own fate. Each and every one of the decisions they made throughout the game may affect how the events will ultimately turn out to be.

Ares Virus Decisions 750x422
You have to try your best to survive

Knowing how to manage your equipment as well as items will have a huge impact during the game. As this is a survival experience, there will be very little access to the resources. Therefore, you will need to try your best to use them as effectively as possible in order to avoid any unnecessarily wasteful usage. Moreover, each type of enemies has a different weakness. You will then have to remember those weaknesses so that you can choose the best counter-weapons to defeat them.

Ares Virus Combat 750x422
Zombies are waiting to kill you everywhere

Along with the top-down view of the camera, the game also applies a system for double joystick. On the left side of the screen, the players will control the movements of their character, whereas on the right side, it is the area for controlling different actions like shooting, running and aiming.