Right after coming for PC, Vikendi the snow map is now available on PUBG Mobile along with many new features and events. Players can now download this map from the App Store and Google Play to explore this brand new map.

Pubg Vikendi 1545352881299
The map view from above

Vikendi is the 4th map in PUBG after Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Compared to the 3 maps, the size of  Vikendi is 6x6 km that is smaller than Erangel and Miramar with 8x8 km but bigger than Sanhok with 4x4 km. For many users, this map size is perfect because Erangel and Miramar size is too big that makes the game slow in the middle while Sanhok’s is too small makes the game end too quickly. Vikendi is a winter theme map which has snow everywhere: on mountains, fields, buildings, and houses. The scenery of Vikendi is also very great and gorgeous with a dino park, a castle and a rocket launching area,…

Pubg Vikendi Map1
Epic scene of Vikendi

PUBG Corp also adds new vehicle which is only in Vikendi: a snowmobile. A snowmobile will help players run fast and smoothly but be careful when running through a sparse snow cover area. Moreover, instead of apple, players now can use snowballs to throw to others on the spawn island. Let's see what it like in this trailer:

Together with the new map, new features Firearms Finish Upgrade System and new event “Lucky Treasure” are also added to the game. Players can now get the Glacier - M416 by completing daily missions as well as adding kill effects and kill message and death crate appearances. Find more information about the update on Reddit.


Vikendi is now playable on PUBG PC and PUBG mobile now. For those who want to play Vikendi in Xbox One and PS4, according to PUBG Corp, it will be released in January 2019.