Spoorky from developer GuGames is an upcoming game that will certainly draw the attention of platform game fans. It is available on all sorts of devices, from Android, iOS, to PC. The interesting thing is, it is completely cross-platform.

Spoorky Trailer

The main character of this game is Spoorky the pig. He is not a normal pig though, as he has got a sword, and he knows how to use it o. The gameplay follows the standard 2D platformer formula: Spoorky will move horizontally from the left to the right of the screen, overcome obstacles, defeat enemies like birds and bugs, and collect snacks such as cakes, pears and apples.

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Fight through enemies and overcome traps to collect snacks

What makes Spoorky special is that it allows you to build your own levels. Not only that, you can share these levels online for others to try and rate how good they are. This concept is very similar to Levelhead, a game from Butterscotch Shenanigans. Furthermore, there is a touch of competition here too: If a player manages to complete your level faster than you did yourself, then that player will earn a special prize; and if you manage to reclaim the throne you will receive rewards as well. Also, every week the developers will make a selection of the best levels, and players can compete to become the global top.

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Create and share your own level

As mentioned before, Spoorky is a cross-platform game. This means if you create a level on PC and share it, others who are playing on Android or iOS can still play it without any problem, and vice versa. Your progress will be saved into your Spoorky account and transferred across platforms too, meaning you can play it a little bit on your computer, turn it off, then later open your phone and continue from the exact same spot.

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The only limit is your imagination

If all this sounds interesting to you, keep an eye out for Spoorky. It launches on November 8.