Do you like shooting games? Are you finding the best shooting games to play? You came to the right place because Android is really a kingdom of shooting games. No matter if you are a fan of first person or third person shooter, there always are many games to choose from.

Here is a list of the best shooting games on Android

  1. Best First person perspective shooting games: NOVA Legacy, Shadowgun Legends and Into the Dead 2

There are 3 choices for this FPP type. The first one is NOVA Legacy. This is a futuristic fantasy game about an intergalactic war between human and space monsters. With vivid 3D graphics and cool weapons, N.O.V.A. Legacy promises to bring a wonderful experience while playing. N.O.V.A. Legacy has total 19 missions and users also can play with 5 other friends with PvP mode.

If you want a game with more beautiful graphics, come to Shadowgun Legends. You will experience the gorgeous Shadowgun world and as a bounty hunter, your mission is to defeat the ugly alien to get on top.

Another choice is Into the Dead 2 where the player has to escape the zombie hordes to save his or her family. Attractive story and multi-endings are the remarkable things of this game.

  1. Best third person perspective shooting games: PUBG Mobile, Overkill 3 and Grand Theft Auto

Besides FPP, TPP is loved by many players. There are also 3 choices for you to pick.

PUBG Mobile is not a strange name to everyone. Even people who don’t like shooting games know it. You will join a match with 99 other players and you will win if you are the last one standing. The game has a plenty of weapons like guns, crossbows, grenades, and the legendary frying pan.

A fan of sci-fi also shouldn’t miss Overkill 3 which has gorgeous graphics and intense gameplay. In the game, you will play an important role to guide the Resistance to victory against the Evil Forces. Overkill 3 also supports co-op mode and can be played offline.

Grand Theft Auto always is the best gangster game ever. Now, versions up to San Andreas are available on mobile. It is not really a shooting game but it uses guns very often.

Grand Theft Auto 5 San Andreas Trailer Remake Jpg

  1. Best single player shooting games: Dead Effect 2, Morphite and Hitman Sniper

Like working alone like Batman? No problem. These games will definitely please you.

Dead Effect 2 is a console-quality action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements. Players will be immersed in frantic battles with plenty of ferocious zombies. Besides the big ammunition, players are also able to use axes, shuriken like ninjas, and other weapons.

If you are bored of continuous battles, come to Morphite. It is a first person adventure game which has a very impressive low-poly artwork. In Morphite, players can freely explore a thousand of planets which are created randomly and discover the mystery of the game's universe.

Hitman is a very famous franchise, and in Hitman Sniper the game, players will play as Agent 47 with, well, a sniping gun to do assassination missions. It is really challenging when players have to find the best way to shoot the target.

4.Best online shooters: Modern Combat Versus, Fortnite and Guns of Boom

Modern Combat Versus is a FPS game which focuses on online competition. Choose your character, team up with friends and join the battle now.

Fortnite is the biggest battle royal game right now. Same as PUBG, you will play against 99 other players and have to defeat them all to win. However, the difference is players can build stuffs to cover themselves or have a better shooting view. Fornite has a fun cartoon-like artwork which attracts a lot of young players

Guns of Boom is less popular than Modern Combat Versus and Fortnite. In the game, the player will be a person who has a mission to save the world from terrorists. Guns of Boom has a lively and eye-catching 3D graphic with wonderful music background.