PUBG Mobile offers players many bolt-action snipers to engage in long-range combat. Kar98K and AWM are two favorite bolt-action snipers in this game. But which one is better? Let's compare and choose a better SR in PUBG Mobile here with

Damage And Bullet Speed

In terms of hit damage, AWM causes larger hit damage than Kar98K. The rare weapon AWM causes the damage of 105 per hit while Kar98K causes 79 damage points per hit. So, AWM is much more powerful than Kar98K.

AWM is the king of snipers in PUBG Mobile

Moreover, the initial bullet speed of AWM is also much greater. It's 945 m/s in AWM and only 760 m/s in Kar98K. Therefore, the king of sniper AWM kills the enemy faster than Kar98K. You can knock down or kill an enemy equipped level-3 armor and helmet in one shot. Meanwhile, you will need at least 2 - 3 accurate shots to kill an enemy with a level-2 helmet and vet.

Kar98K causes less damage than AWM

Ammo, Reload Speed, Mag Size

In terms of reload speed, Kar98K wins. It only takes you 4s to reload Kar98K while you need 4.6s to reload AWM. The default magazine capacity of both these guns is 5. However, you can attach an SR extended mag to increase the ammo capacity of AWM to 7. However, Kar98K does not have an attachment slot for the extended mag.

Pubg Mobile Kar98k
Kar98K uses 7.62mm ammo

Besides, Kar98K uses 7.62mm bullets which are very easy to find on the map. Meanwhile, the rare weapon AWM uses 300 Magnum bullets which can only be found in the airdrop. In addition, PUBG Mobile players can only find this rare weapon in the airdrop with a limited number of bullets. It means you don't have many bullets to waste. Therefore, Kar98K is more popular in this game.

Awm In Airdrop
PUBG Mobile players can only find this rare weapon in the airdrop

Attachment Slots

Kar98K has three attachment slots for muzzles, cheek pad, and sight/scope. AWM also has three slots for those attachments and one more slot for the mag. So, you can increase the mag capacity of the AWM to 7. Or else, you can attach a quick-draw mag to reduce the reload speed.