PUBG Mobile is going to announce its biggest esports tournament of the year. Tencent will make the official announcement soon. Recently, PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) has been held in the West and East Zones. This esports event is about to finish next week. Tencent is going to hold the Final stage for the Finalists. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile PMWL Final Stage Details

Tencent is going to announce the biggest PUBG Mobile esports tournament and full details on August 24th, 2020. It will be the final stage of the PUBG Mobile World League 2020. It left a lot of players excited and highly anticipated. This esports event is supported to be titled the PUBG Mobile World Championship.

Pmwc Prize Pool
Tencent will announce the biggest tournament of the year

It features the top PUBG Mobile squads in the world who have completed in the biggest international esports tournament of the year. They will compete in this global Final stage to find the world's best teams. You can wait to see the announcement of Tencent of the official social media channels of this game on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Moreover, the organizers will release the poster and trailer of this tournament soon.

Pubg Mobile Esports
It features the best teams in the world

This event will be the biggest PUBG Mobile esports event of 2020 with the top players from all over the world. Meanwhile, Tencent also announced many tournaments, such as PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 (PMCO) with a big prize pool of $10 lakh. This esports event will be held in eight regions to find the best teams qualified for the Global Finals. Top squads from 8 regional tournaments in India, North America, Brazil, Latin, South Asia, Pakistan, Iraq, and Wildcard will also join the Global final stage to find the best PUBG Mobile team in the world.

Biggest Tournament
The biggest PUBG Mobile esports event of 2020.

About 8 lakh teams registered PMCO. Then, the PMCO group stage takes place between August 11th and September 13th. You can check out the event details on the official website of PUBG Mobile.