With Halloween just around the corner, many game developers are releasing games centered around monsters. British studio Nitrome Games is no exception. Recently it has released Turn Undead 2: Monster Hunter for mobile devices, both Android and iOS. This is a sequel to its first Turn Undead game.

The story begins when a Mummy King awakens. He was once a mighty and cruel ruler of Egypt who possessed dark powers. Ultimately he was overthrown, imprisoned and sealed away, supposedly forever. However, this tyrant has returned, with an army of terrifying monsters at his disposal and the intention to extract his vengeance upon this world. It is up to you to stop him. So embark on this journey, defeat legions of monsters and slay their leader to save the world.

In term of gameplay, Turn Undead 2: Monster Hunter follows the footsteps of its predecessor. In this game, you will control a monster hunter with dual pistols that fire wooden stakes. These wooden stakes are not only deadly to monsters such as vampires and mummy, but you can also use them to create footholds for you to climb to high places.

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Impale the stakes into walls to create footholds

The style of Turn Undead 2: Monster Hunter is one that could be called the turn-based action. In this game, time will only progress when you do. That means every time you perform an action, the surrounding environment and enemies will also react, but nothing will happen if you stand still; literally nothing, even your bullets won't move. This result in some pretty interesting mechanics.

Turn Undead 2: Monster Hunter Gameplay Trailer

This style means you are required to plan every single one of your action very carefully. There will also be various puzzles that require calculation and creativity to solve. For example, you can bounce your stake bullets off of angled walls so that they will reach places they normally wouldn’t.

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Bounce your bullets off certain walls to solve puzzles

The game does a good job with its graphics and music as well. From the streets of Victorian London to the sandy deserts of Egypt, the environment is beautifully rendered in 2D chibi style. The music adds a level of lighthearted creepiness that suits the style of the game very well.

With interesting gameplay and solid graphics, Turn Undead 2: Monster Hunter is a fine addition to your Halloween game collection. You can get it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.