Cricket is popular worldwide; people are always glued to their screens when a match is on. Many families have their own cricket traditions. Moreover, the game is often found being played in the streets by children.

Cricket Games Android 1
Enjoy Cricket Online!

You must know that you can learn to play cricket games online, too. There is a wide variety of them present on the web. Below we have covered some of the best android cricket games you can play on your phones.


WCC 2 has been known as the best of Play Store games of 2015, 2016 & 2017. The game has also gotten many other awards, such as the editor's choice award. The game allows you to play cricket online.

Moreover, it has many other games, such as:

  • NPL Auction
  • Quick Play
  • Test Cricket
  • Tournaments like World Cup, World T20 Cup, and Blitz Tournament
  • ODI Series
Cricket Games Android Wcc2
WCC 2 has been known as the best of Play Store games of 2015, 2016 & 2017

Besides these other games. Here are some of the best features of the app:

  • 18 different international teams
  • 10 domestic teams
  • 42 different stadiums
  • Commentary in both English and Hindi
  • Dynamic ground sounds
  • 150 different batting animations
  • 28 different bowling actions
  • 3D Wagon wheel
  • 40+ camera angles

WCC 3 (Early Access)

The game is developed by Nextwave multimedia and provides one of the most realistic gaming experiences. It works like your regular cricket games, only better. The game also has celebrity commentators both in Hindi and English.

Early access to the game is available, and you can get it from the Play Store easily. Many people have already given in many positive reviews about the game.

Real Cricket 20

The tagline of the game: it’s not CRICKET if it ain’t REAL',  pretty much sums up what it's all about. The game is another one of your online cricket platforms. The developers have made the game to make you forget that it's online.

Instead, it duplicates the effects of a real cricket tournament. You can get so immersed in the game that you can hardly miss the feeling of playing on the field.

Cricket Games Android Real Cricket 20
It’s not CRICKET if it ain’t REAL

Real Cricket 20 has made an effort to make their game gender-inclusive by providing a female commentator. It further opens the hope to see more female players in these games.

Some of the best features of the game are:

  • Saving and sharing your match highlights
  • Unique player faces and jersey
  • Test matches that include playing with the pink ball
  • Beautiful live stadiums such as Mumbai, Pune, Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Wellington, and Kolkata


Although Lottoland isn't solely based on being a cricket game, it does have a feature that allows you to play cricket. The app features Cricket Lotto, which is played three times a week.

Instead of playing cricket, it allows you to bet on cricket matches at Lottoland. So, you can win jackpots with your extreme skills in the sport. Lottoland is a safe and trusted site. Thus, you can play freely.

Cricket Games Android Lottoland
Bet on Cricket games with LottoLand

Here are some of the winners of Lottoland to give you proof of its success:

  • ₹700 crores (€90 Million) won by Christina
  • ₹173 crores (€22.3 Million) won by Matthias
  • ₹109 crores (€14 Million) won by Michael
  • ₹44,3 crore (£5.13 Million) won by Mr. Logan

Stick Cricket

The game has over 10 million downloads, so you can guess just how much love it is by the public. Unlike the other games on the list, this one is a mini-game.

Thus, the interface is simpler and contains only two buttons. Anyone can easily get the hang of the game. However, it'd take you some practice to rise above everyone.

Stick Cricket
Stick Cricket


The game only allows batting. Although it isn't that diverse, it is the simplicity of the game that makes it so popular. While other games win hearts with different features, this game is known for its easy-going flow.

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

If you are a fan of Chennai Super Kings, you will fall head over heels in love with this game. The game appeals to anyone who looks forward to watching the Indian Premier League (IPL) every year.

People love the game for its easy controls and background music. Earphones are recommended for the best gaming experience while playing CSK Battle of Chepauk 2. You can choose your favorite CSK player to play with.

Cricket Games Android Battl
The game appeals to anyone who looks forward to watching the Indian Premier League (IPL) every year.

Besides all this, there are five modes on which you can play the game. Each one of them is equally thrilling, so it is recommended you try them all. They are:

  • Super Over
  • Super Matches
  • Super Multiplayer
  • Super Chase
  • Super Slog


Now, you know how you can play cricket even when you're stuck at home alone. The pandemic really showed people the value of apps that can recreate the outside world.

If you are a cricket enthusiast who can't get enough of the sport, then you should try these apps. They are fun to play, and you can show off your skills. Happy Playing!