Cricket is one of the most popular sports games around the world. Thanks to different mega cricket events and fans from all around the globe, cricket has been a successful game for decades. Even in today’s time, online cricket betting is getting extremely popular.

As cricket betting is one of the quickest ways to make money. And because of the internet, online betting has become much easier. These days, there are quite a lot of betting platforms that have emerged. For example, Parimatch is one such cricket betting platform.

However, to help you know more, let me just share 5 reasons why cricket betting has become popular. So here we go:

Higher odds

These days, most betting apps and websites cover all types of cricket tournaments and other sports. For example, you can go and participate in bet on IPL 2021, or hockey betting, or other sports betting.

As a result, you are getting a chance to bet on different and every sports game out there. And as the variety is huge, as a result, there is a higher chance of you winning more money.

Plus, live betting allows you to bet on cricket games that are still in play. This surely helps in increasing your chance of winning bets.

Also, the odds are available online are always better than the offline betting options. Hence, many people prefer online betting these days.



Bonuses are definitely one of the important factors of online cricket betting. As you already know that offline betting shops don’t give you any bonuses. As a result, if you are trying betting for the first time, you can use your bonus money to gain some experience.

Also, betting websites like Parimatch offers lucrative joining offers. As well as, there are quite a lot of other schemes also available which lets you win bonuses.

A smart better can make serious cash

Also, if you are smart and a serious better, you can easily make serious cash. If you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of money that too constantly.

Plus, the best part is that, unlike poker matches, the outcome of a sports game is not random. The players from both of the cricket teams decide which team is going to be the ultimate winner.


Online betting is extremely convenient, and there is no doubt about it. You don’t have to visit any betting shops, stand in a queue to place a bet.

You can sign up to any betting platform, deposit cash with just a few clicks. And then you are all set to place bets.

And this is surely one of the main reasons why IPL betting has become so popular. You can bet from anywhere you wish to. You are allowed to choose your surroundings and live in your comfort to bet on your favorite games.


Lastly, betting is extremely fun. If you love sports or cricket, then you can get started with sports betting. Even as IPL cricket is coming, there are many people going to participate in IPL betting. Just make sure you are considering IPL odds.

You can play one or two bets and see if you are able to make money or not. Also, while you bet, you will surely get to enjoy an extreme thrill.

Final Words

So those were some of the top reasons why online cricket betting is extremely popular these days. So if you wish to bet on any of your favorite cricket games, don’t hold yourself back. Instead try betting for once or twice.