Battle Royale has become one of the most popular game genres in the world... and with the advent of mobile gaming, more and more BRs are getting released on the platform. In this article, we would list out the top 10 Best Battle Royale Games Android 2020. This would be a popularity based list, with the most popular game on the top and least popular at the bottom.

1 - Fortnite

Epic Game's free-to-play battle royale has the biggest twist in gameplay - besides fighting each other to the death, players also gather resources in the environment to build structures, which can be used for various purposes like protecting fallen allies, getting the high ground... etc. Fortnite also has fairly low graphics requirements and crossplay between Mobile and PC, something no other battle royales have. The weakness of Fortnite is that you might not like the style, as is the farthest away from "realistic".

Overall, Fortnite is the best battle royale game on mobile.

Top battle royale game 2020: Fortnite

2 - Garena Free Fire

Free Fire’s player count per match is half the size of PUBG, with only 50 players fighting in a smaller map – each match would last approximately ten minutes. Overall, it is a great midway title, if you enjoy something shorter than the usual PUBG. After PUBG Mobile was removed from the country, Free Fire has climbed to the top spot amongst battle royales in India.

3 - PUBG Mobile

The first game on this “best battle royale on Android” list is not really something unexpected – PUBG is the first big battle royale title that created this genre. The game features a 100-players battle on a gigantic map, with realism being the focus. Players would have to gather their guns and get into their vehicles while battling with the ever-expanding death zone and other players to be the last one standing.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

4 - Call of Duty Mobile

This is a mobile game based on one of the biggest shooter franchises in the world, Call of Duty... and that's what catapulted the mobile version forward. The game exploded in both India and the world when it was released - and its player base has been pretty stable ever since. The battle royale mode is not the main attraction of this game, however, as the normal game modes seem to be more focused on. If you want to play a normal shooter with some BR on the side, get this game.

Call Of Duty Mobile
Call Of Duty Mobile

5 - Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is a Fortnite/PUBG hybrid clone. There are item crafting and resource gathering, along with options to switch between first and third-person perspectives. There is no rule that said a fake cannot surpass the original - Creative Destruction is a pretty fun game to play if your rank is too high or too low in the other battle royale games and just want a fresh start.

Creative Destruction
Creative Destruction

6 - Guns Royale

This is pretty much a clone hybrid of Minecraft and Battle Royale, with blocky characters shooting at each other on a top-down battlefield. The best part of this is the Augmented Reality mode, allowing you to see the battle overlapping in your real environment. Overall, a worthwhile game to pick up if you are looking for something new.

Guns Royale
Guns Royale

7 - Zombs Royale

ZombsRoyale is a top-down arcade shooter with elements of the battle royale genre. In this game, you would drop into a simple 2D world along with a bunch of other players – Afterwards, you would have to fight to survive. The game is really easy to play, with simple 2D graphics, controls, and mechanics. Overall, it feels more like a mobile game than a lot of titles on this list.

Zombs Royale
Zombs Royale

8 - Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Another pixelized BR... however, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is more loyal to the 3rd person shooter gameplay... as it is a parody clone of PUBG. The lower graphics style makes the game suitable to play for even potato phones – if you are a fan of PUBG’s gameplay but do not want to play PUBG Mobile Lite, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground should be the correct choice.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

9 - Rules of Survival

Yet another PUBG clone – the twist here is that Rules of Survival has 120 players instead of 100. Nothing really special about this one, however - but if you are bored with the usual battle royale matches, you can definitely give this a try. Outside of some additional vehicles, weapons, and modes, its gameplay is more or less the same. In this game, players would drop out from an airplane, land, find resources and kill other players.

Rules Of Survival
Rules of Survival

10 - Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a smaller 3rd battle royale with fast gameplay due to a smaller player count per match. Due to this, each match would last for less than three minutes – this is the main selling point of Battlelands Royale. If you don’t have time to play a proper match of PUBG Mobile, These 5-minutes fights of Battleland Royale would definitely work wonders.

 Battlelands Royale
Battlelands Royale

This is the end of our list of best battle royale games for android 2020. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the Top 8 Best Story Mode Games For Android.