Black Desert Mobile is now available on Android. However, only players from Japan or Korea can download it from the Play Store at the moment. Pearl Abyss, the game's developer is currently trying to fix some small problems and looking for success in countries in which the game has been launched. According to the recent post of the studio on Facebook, Pearl Abyss is planning a global release for Black Desert Mobile within this year. This means the Play Store will soon have the English version of this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the next 8 months.

Black Desert Mobile is the mobile version of the innovative Korean MMORPG Black Desert

This franchise initially started as a PC sandbox MMORPG named Black Desert Online and soon became a popular MMO. Last August, it received a remastered version and later welcomed a mobile version. This mobile iteration mimics almost exactly the gameplay that you see in Black Desert Online. However, at some point, the game on mobile might be a little different from the original due to the limitation of a mobile device. Sadly, instead of being similar to a traditional manually-controlled PC title, this game will have autoplay features, the same as most of the other mobile MMORPGs that are available in the Play Store.

The game is pretty successful in Asian markets

Although it is quite predictable that Black Desert Mobile will go global within the year, a specific release date is not yet announced. It seems that Pearl Abyss will bring the title to the US as a free-to-play game with in-game purchases. This is the same what they did in Korea and Japan. Nevertheless, not much detailed information about this English version is out. If all goes well, further details will be unveiled soon in the next months since the release is coming closer and closer.