Evolution was first released in 2011 as a physical board game, and now it is getting turned into a mobile app. A couple of weeks ago, developer NorthStarGames revealed a launch announcement for this upcoming mobile port. You can check it out below:

Evolution is a strategy-focused game for 2 to 6 players, in which each one will take control of several species of prehistoric animals and have to try to survive in an ecosystem that is constantly changing. Basically, everyone will be fighting for food, which could either come from the local water source (or Watering Hole, as it is called in the game) or from hunting other species.

During the course of each game, players will take turns to equip their species with different “trait cards”, which give them various abilities. For example, you can give your species the Hard Shell or Climbing traits to protect them from hunters, or if you ARE the hunter, you could opt for traits like Pack Hunting or Ambush to increase your chance of success.


What makes Evolution interesting is the sheer amount of options you have. You can evolve your species in approximately 4,000 ways. There are tons of different paths you could take to ensure your survival, every single one of them perfectly viable. You could be anything from a herbivore that focuses mainly on taking Plant Food from the Watering Hole to a carnivore that must constantly attack others to get food.

Evolution 2

The upcoming digital port of Evolution has been under development for what feels like an actual evolution process. Ever since 2017, it was revealed at 3 different PAX events. Now, it is finally confirmed that the game will come to both Android and iOS, as well as PC, on February 12th. Moreover, it will fully support cross-platform multiplayer, so everyone can play with everyone else without having to worry about incompatible platforms.