Are you a fan of bunnies and incremental games? So what about a combination of the two?

In this brand new title Battlesky TapTap, you get to set up your kingdom in the sky where cute and funny animals live. The race of inhabitants is up to you to choose. Are you into Smolians, the frenetic bunnies or the Plempings, the bad-tempered penguins? If both of them are not into your liking, there is also the Tecks, the super smart goldfish.

When you have made up your mind about what kind of animal you want in your own kingdom, make coins by tapping, like the name of the game indicates. With these in-game coins, you can set up your army. With more than 200 constructions and troops to work on, you had better start right now!

Bsbt Mainimage
So here are your frenetic inhabitants

What you have to do is to build all the needed buildings and enlist all the troops. This target can be accomplished by earning trillions of Koins (the in-game currency). You need to construct the facilities, recruit the troops and beat the pirates. However, to have new buildings and troops, you have to level up the HQ (the main building in your kingdom), which also requires you to spend Koins.

The number of troops you have will not directly increase the amount of Koins but with more units, each of your taps will generate more money. To unlock new troops, construct more buildings, and it all comes back to upgrading your HQ.

Ian Ho Pirate Attack
Defend your kingdom from pirates

Put facilities in your kingdom as they are your passive income sources and of course, level them up to earn more.

Battlesky TapTap is for casual relaxation so what you have to do is little. The kingdom will somewhat develop on its own and the animals that inhabit it makes things even more fun.

This game is free to play and can be found on Google Play Store and App Store.