The recent Moco: Rebirth event series in Garena Free Fire has been introducing new and exciting content into the game. Upon completing the exclusive quests in the event, players can unlock a ton of freebies, including character bundles, emotes, skins, and more.

If you're having so much fun at the event, why not invite your old friends to join you? In fact, Garena will even reward you for doing so. For every friend you successfully call back, you'll get closer to winning a free loot box in Free Fire.

Here's how you can claim it!

Free Fire's New Friends Callback Event

The latest Friends Callback event in Free Fire kicked off on September 18, 2021. To join this event, Free Fire survivors need to successfully invite their inactive friends back to the game.

Friends Call Back Event
Invite your friends to make a come back to Free Fire and win all sorts of rewards.

Here are the requirements and the rewards of this event:

  • 6x Coder Cube C1: Call back one friend.
  • 6x Coder Cube C1: Call back three friends.
  • Cyber Multitasker Loot Box and 6x Coder Cube C1: Call back five friends.
  • 10x Coder Cube C1: Call back seven friends.

So, in order to claim the free loot box, Free Fire players need to call back 5 friends. When all of the 5 friends log into the game, players will receive their rewards.

How To Call Back Friends And Win A Free Loot Box?

As we mentioned earlier, Free Fire survivors need to invite a total of five inactive friends to attain the Cyber Multitasker Loot Box. The valid timeline for inviting friends is from September 18th to September 21, 2021.

To call back your friends, you have two options. You can either share your ID with inactive friends or share the invite link. Both methods count and they can work simultaneously.

Friends Call Back Rewards
A free Cyber Multitasker Loot Box and lots of Coder Cube C1 tokens are waiting.

The instruction below will guide you to share your invite link:

  1. Visit the Moco: Rebirth tab under the event section.
  2. Press the "GO TO" button inside the Friends Call Back section.
  3. Click the call back button beside the reward to trigger a list of inactive friends to appear.
  4. Players can tap on the invite button and share the link. Once 5 friends have joined the game, users can claim their rewards.

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