Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) can be a great replacement for PUBG Mobile after the Chinese app Ban in India. It has pretty similar gameplay and features as PUBG Mobile. Therefore, many PUBG Mobile players in India switch to this game after the ban. Here's a completed guide on how to download, install, and play this game on Android and iOS devices.

COD Mobile System Requirements And Download Guide

The minimum system requirements to play COD Mobile on Android devices are 2GB of RAM and Android 5.1 or above. Meanwhile, to play this game on iOS devices, your iPhone or iPad needs to run iOS 9.0 or above. Moreover, you can only play this game on the iPhone 5s or above. If you use an iPad to play this game, make sure that you have an iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPod Touch, or above.

Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Sakura
Call of Duty Mobile can be a great replacement for PUBG Mobile

Download COD Mobile for Android

It's very easy to download COD Mobile on Android devices. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store, search the game.
  • Tap on the Download button and wait for the download and installation progress.
  • Then, open the app and log in with your Facebook account. If you log in with the Guess account, your game tier will not be saved in the system.
Log In With Facebook Account
Log In With Facebook Account

Download COD Mobile for iOS

The steps to download and install this game on iOS devices are not different.

Cod Mobile Android
Download and play with friends
  • Go to App Store and find the game.
  • Choose to Get the game and enter Apple ID to confirm the download and installation.
  • Wait until the installation is complete
  • Open the game app, log in, and play the game.

Call of Duty Mobile also features the TDM and Battle Royale game modes. However, it has a different game lobby with different arrangements and buttons. Firstly, you need to get acquainted with the new game lobby and settings. Then, play some unranked matches to get used accustom your control to some in-game actions.