The mobile version of Call of Duty seems to be doing really great, according to recent data about the game's total download.

According to the research company Sensor Tower, after a month of release, Call of Duty Mobile has a total of 148 million downloads, on both Android and iOS. And this result has proved that CoD Mobile is the second most successful mobile game when considering the downloads in the first month alone - only behind Pokémon GO in terms of popularity.

Call Of Duty Mobile Loadout Inventory
The game even features a battle royale mode

Also, this result of CoD Mobile is about 4 times the total downloads of Fortnite during its first month (35 million downloads). Of course, this is still debatable, as, during launch, Fortnite was only available on iOS only. Meanwhile, another famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile has a total of 60.7 million downloads during the first release month.

The data from Sensor Tower also shown us that, on average, there are 4.9 million downloads of Call of Duty Mobile per day. The launch date was the biggest, though, with 24 million downloads total. Also, in the total number of 148 million downloads, India is in second place with 16.2 million downloads (11% of the total), only behind the US with a number of 23.6 million (16%).

Call Of Duty Mobile 191001 043714 1c5a_wm
A screenshot from the game

Along with that, Call of Duty Mobile has brought to the publisher more than 53.9 million USD via in-game microtransactions - with the busiest day being October 5th, the day when all CoD Mobile players spent a total of 3.1 million USD. Another fun fact is that iOS players are willing to spend more money than Android players, with iOS players contribute to 60% of the total revenue. Meanwhile, the number of downloads are spread almost evenly between the two OS.

Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Sakura 740x416 1
A screenshot from the game

CoD Mobile is a joint project between the Chinese giant Tencent and Activision, being a mesh of many great things in the Call of Duty franchise to mobile, with many popular maps, game mode, and characters.

Call of Duty Mobile is now available on Android and iOS.