Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale mode introduces players to a Class system that initially has 6 classes Clown, Defender, Mechanic, Medic, Ninja, and Scout. However, some players might have noticed before, in the class menu, there was a 7th class called "Airborne" at the bottom but it was locked. Now, Call of Duty: Mobile is bringing players a new "Battle Royale Chip Event - Airborne" event to unlock this new class.

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Complete all 10 missions to unlock Airborne class

The missions in this event are quite easy for any player to complete. There are some overlap missions so basically, here are all the things you need to do to complete all the missions:

  • Kill 10 enemies in Battle Royale mode.
  • Play 2 Battle Royale matches.
  • Use 2 Chip Skills in Battle Royale mode.
  • Survive in Battle Royale mode for a total of 3,000 seconds (50 minutes).
  • Get into the 10 top in Battle Royale mode twice.
  • Login for 3 days.

There are 10 missions in total and you will receive a reward whenever you complete any 2 missions. After you have completed all 10 missions, you will receive the final reward, which is the Airborne class.

AirBorne Class Skill

Snapshot 20191106110143 A25f_wm
Your active skill will summon a catapult

Passive skill: Become more buoyant while using the wingsuit.

Active skill: Summon a catapult that ejects your team into the air up to 100 meters and deploy your wings to glide. With an upgrade chip, the catapult can eject you into the air up to 150 meters.

Snapshot 20191106110845 F01d_wm
With an upgrade chip, you can glide from up to 150 meters height

With this skill set, Airborne class is now the most mobile class of all, especially in Squad. Ninja class has the skill to reposition themselves quickly, but Airborne class can reposition the whole team within a distance of up to about 150 meters away. Also, engaging enemies from high above their heads will give you the element of surprise and the ability to engage fast.

The event only lasts until November 11 so you should head into the game right now and unlock this new class.