The Zombie mode has come to Call of Duty: Mobile but in another form of a new mode called Attack Of The Undead. There are 10 players each match in this mode. 1 player will be assing as an undead randomly.

9 other players will have to try to survive until the timer runs out. When this player can infect another player and turn them into an undead. The undead player will spawn indefinitely. They can use a gun to get their first kill, but they have to use to melee weapons after that. Undead players have an Operator skill that gives them silent and more movement speed when activated.

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One player will be chosen as Undead at the start of the game

Survivors can choose whatever they like using their own Loadout in addition to the option between Transform Shield and Sentry Gun Operator Skills. When a Survivor dies, they turn into an undead. When there is only one Survivor left, that players will be granted a Death Machine machine gun.

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The last survivor will be granted a Death Machine machine gun.

Survivors can get perks as they kill Undeads in the match. There are 3 perks:

  • Vulture: Get additional ammo from kills.
  • Amped: Swap and reload weapon faster.
  • Restock: Operator Skills can be activated faster.

The Undead wins when all players are turned into Undead. The Survivors win when the timer runs out.

The mode will be played on 5 maps Tunisia, Standoff, Crash, Raid, and Summit. The mode will last until September 11.

Tips To Win the Attack Of The Undead mode

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It is important to stay away from each other at the start of the round so the random Undead player can't catch everyone easily. You should choose your Operator Skils. Sentry Gun would be a great option against many zombies while the Transform Shield can block the road, halting the attack of zombies.


As an Undead, you have nothing to fear as they will respawn indefinitely.  Since you to get close to infect other players, try to use turning points and corners.

Remember to use your Operator Skill when you are chasing for kills. It is very important to work with other Undead to surround other players. The game will be significantly easier as there are more Undeads.

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