PUBG Mobile is now banned in India because of the conflict between India and China even though PUBG Mobile wasn't a Chinese game and it was only developed by Tencent. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Mobile was also developed by Tencent and wasn't on the ban list.

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Call of Duty Mobile initial loading screen
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Call of Duty Mobile loading screen now

It turns out that Call of Duty Mobile has quickly cut their tie with Tencent last month and dodge the bullet. Activision has totally partway with Tencent and TiMi studios. When you enter Call of Duty Mobile, you will longer see the logo of TiMi studios and Tencent on the loading screen anymore. The screen will show the logo of Activision instead.

According to the official statement of the company, they revealed that there were 2 reasons why they broke the partnership with Tencent.

Trump’s executive order against Tencent

Donald Trump, the president of the US recently placed an order that prevents all US companies from making transactions with Tencent and its subsidiaries.

President Donald Trump also doesn't like China

Since Activision is an US company, its partnership with Tencent can cause some unexpected consequences to Call of Duty Mobile and Activision chose to play safe.

PUBG Mobile is copying features from Call of Duty Mobile

Reports indicated that PUBG Mobile has been copying contents from Call of Duty Mobile multiple times and even claimed that those contents were made exclusively for their community. It is not hard to recognize that PUBG Mobile copied many features in Call of Duty Mobile to put in the Payload mode.

The floating ancient in the latest Ancient Secret mode in PUBG Mobile was also taken from Call of Duty Mobile.

It is not hard to recognize that PUBG Mobile copied many features in Call of Duty Mobile to put in the Payload mode
The float Ancient in the event of PUBG Mobile look just the same as Call of Duty Mobile Aerial Platform

Activision wants to create more original content for the game so it can live up to the quality of the Call of Duty franchise so they need to stop this from happening.

With the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, now, roughly 50 million mobile players are looking for a new game to play. This is a huge chance for Call of Duty Mobile to establish their position in India and increase their player base.

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