Call of Duty Mobile is a shooter game for mobile developed by Tencent and published by Activision in October 2019. The game was meant to be the direct rival of PUBG Mobile on the mobile market. It got the biggest game launches on mobile ever with a total of more than 100 million downloads.

Cod Mobile Streamers
COD Mobile got the biggest game launches on mobile ever with a total of more than 100 million downloads

Call of Duty Mobile features several game modes including battle royale, multiplayer, zombie (removed). The game uses iconic features that have been developed in the Call of Duty franchise in the past such as Loadout, Operators, Perks,...

While the game isn't as popular as other battle royale titles on mobile such as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, it is still a great game that is worth playing. And since PUBG Mobile is now banned in India, this is a great chance for you to look into this game and give it a try.

Cod Mobile Streamers
COD Mobile has many features from the COD franchise

There will be a lot of things to learn and there is no better way to learn about the game by watch people playing it. So here, we have made a list of the top 5 best COD Mobile streamers and Youtuber for you to watch to learn about the game.

Top Best 5 COD Mobile Streamers - iFerg

iFerg is hand down one of the best COD Mobile players in the world, if not the best. He has been the biggest COD streamers and Youtubers ever since the launch of the game. He has hit the 1st rank in the game many times. iFerg's Youtube channel is currently having 1.32 million subscribers. He also has a channel called iFerg Live, where he live stream Call of Duty Mobile every day.

Cod Mobile Streamers
iFerg has been the most popular Call Of Duty Mobile streamers ever since the beginning

When Mortal first playing Call of Duty Mobile, iFerg invited him and his friend to have a friendly match with him. The result was pretty obvious as he crushed everyone in the match.

Since he is one of the best COD Mobile Streamers and players in the world, you will be able to find a lot of useful information about the best settings as well as pro tricks.

Top Best 5 COD Mobile Streamers - Knifes IOS

While in Call of Duty Mobile, you can use a knife to kill enemies with only one hit, nobody is using it because of the obvious reason that a player with guns can easily kill you before you get close to them. It is pretty much next to impossible to play Call of Duty Mobile with a knife as your main weapon.

But, out of all COD Mobile Streamers, there is still one person who is skilled enough to master the art of assassinate and he is Knifes IOS. He is also among one of the few COD Mobile players in the world to achieve Legend Rank using knives only.

Top Best 5 COD Mobile Streamers -ParkerTheSlayer

ParkerTheSlayer is a COd streamer and Youtube with more than 300 thousand subscribers on his channel. You can find a lot of cool tricks on his channel, especially about the Hide and Seek mode in COD Mobile.

He also uploads videos about the latest news and updates in COD Mobile very frequently along with many secrets in the game.

Top Best 5 COD Mobile Streamers -HawksNest

HawksNest is the best COD Mobile Youtube channel you can find to get useful guides for the game. One of his most famous Youtube series is the COD Mobile MythBusters series where he does experiments to give answers hard questions in Call of Duty Mobile.

His video playlist is well-organized and all his videos are well-explained so viewers can fully understand what he says and learn quickly. His channel is currently having more than 400 thousand subscribers.

Top Best 5 COD Mobile Streamers- ExxotikGaming

ExxotikGaming is a PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile Youtuber with more than 1 million subscribers on his channel. He has been playing Call of Duty Mobile since the beginning and while he is not the best player in the world, he got some really cool tricks and experiments such as how to reduce ping lag in the games.

He also did a lot of fun challenges in the game and other related content.

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