Folks, the disaster you fear will happen has finally happened! With the new tensions between India and China over the past few days, PUBG Mobile officially has a place in the list of Chinese apps banned in India. Although it can be foreseen, with more than 3 crore active players in the country, the news that the Indian government officially banned PUBG Mobile still took the internet and Indian gaming community by storm.

While protests and aggressive comments are spreading all over cyberspace, hilarious memes, on the other hand, are also ranging on. From Facebook, Twitter to Instagram, PUBG Mobile banned memes are seen everywhere and help people make the best out of the worst. As we can do nothing to change the situation, aaram se bhai! Laid back and giggle!

Pubg Banned

Pubg Banned 2 Pubg Banned 3

By being banned in India, PUBG Mobile is losing one of its biggest markets in terms of users. In fact, Indian has more than 5 crores of downloads and 3.3 core active PUBG Mobile users. Earlier, the speculation about PUBG Mobile banned in India has been sparkled as many other apps like Tik Tok or WeChat have been kicked out of the country.  PUBG Mobile, in fact, used to be banned in 2018 but got unbanned a few months later.

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Pubg Banned 4 Meme Pubg Banned 5 Meme Pubg Banned 6 Meme Pubg Banned 7 Meme Pubg Banned 8 Meme Pubg Banned 9 Meme Pubg Banned 10 Meme Pubg Banned 11 Meme

Above are some of the hottest PUBG Mobile ban memes which are going rival on the internet. PUBG Mobile is no doubt having a hard time in India but hopes that the upheavals will soon go over so players can get back to the game as the new version is just on the way to come.

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