The news of the PUBG Mobile ban in India has staggered the whole community, especially the pro players, streamers, and content creators who are living off the game. Many pro players have gone to social media to show their frustration about the news as they will need to have to start over from now on.

1599051200 Pubg Mobile Ban
PUBG Mobile will be banned in India

MortaL is one of the oldest PUBG Mobile streamers/ pro players in India. He has been sticking with the game for more than 2 years. He founded team SouL and achieved many great achievements in the PUBG Mobile esports scene along with the love of the community.

But now, as PUBG Mobile is banned, MortaL will have to move on to another game and he set up a stream yesterday to talk about it. You can check out the full video below.

Games MortaL might stream in the future

During the stream, MortaL showed his interest in Fall Guys, a racing battle royale game that is currently trending. MortaL tried several Fall Guys matches and seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

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Fall Guys is currently the trending battle royale game with a fun, frantic gameplay
Lets Calm Down And Talk S8ul Is In This Together G
MortaL tries Fall Guys on stream

He also made a list of games that he is going to try in the upcoming days. The list started with Fall Guys, and then Call of Duty. He also wanted to check out some famous singleplayer games for his stream such as Subnautica. Someone in the chat asked if he will play Valorant, to which MortaL replied "Why not?" and add it to the list along with FIFA and GTA.

After he has listed all his priorities, he then moved on to games such as Free Fire, CS: GO, God of War, Fortnite, PUBG PC, Minecraft and CR. He also stated that will check out more games on Steam's top list.

Screen 5
Free Fire is also on the games list that MortaL will play

As the stream goes on, MortaL announces his break from the competitive scene, which is expected since he can no longer play PUBG Mobile tournaments with this ban.

While MortaL doesn't know what he is going to stick with next, one thing for sure is that the majority of the fans will still stick with him no matter what because people love him for the person he is.

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