The worst news has just come to all PUBG Mobile players in India. The government has officially announced the next ban list consists of 118 apps, including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite.

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PUBG Mobile is officially banned along with 117 other Chinese apps

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Why did PUBG Mobile get banned?

This is not the first time PUBG Mobile was banned in India. The game was banned for a short period last year for having a bad influence on young children.

However, this time is much more serious as PUBG Mobile is banned "in the interest of India's sovereignty and integrity, defense and security". The conflict between India and China is still rising so it is not likely that PUBG Mobile will be unbanned anytime soon. PUBG Mobile is going to be removed from Google Play Store and App Store in the upcoming days.

Can You Use VPN To Play PUBG Mobile After The Ban?

Many players are probably thinking about getting a VPN to play PUBG Mobile after it gets banned in India. However, users will be unable to play PUBG Mobile in India even while using a VPN.

With all the Chinese apps on the list, the government has enforced a blanket ban. That means they are banning your device ID as well as your IP address from using those apps.

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Since your device ID is banned, you won't be able to play PUBG Mobile with the same phone anymore

So if you used a phone to play PUBG Mobile before then you will no longer be able to use that phone to play PUBG Mobile anymore (even with a VPN) since the phone ID is already registered with PUBG Mobile.

How to bypass this ban?

Actually, there are still several ways for you to bypass this ban and play PUBG Mobile. But it will be trickier than usual.

You need to completely wipe all PUBG Mobile data on your old device. Next, you are going to need a completely new device and then play PUBG Mobile using a VPN on that device.

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You can play PUBG Mobile Korean version instead

The second way is to play the Korean version of PUBG Mobile instead. You can download the PUBG Mobile Korean version from APKPure. Of course, you will start all over again with a fresh account since this is a different server.