Along with the popularity of PUBG Mobile in India, streaming gameplay has become a culture with which streamers or content creators can gain lakhs of views and subscribers. When it comes to famous PUBG Mobile pro players and streamers, names like MortaL, Scout or Dynamo might be the most popular name among the gaming community of India. However, there is also a content creator who is not Indian but gained much reputation among PUBG Mobile players of our country. He is none other than Levinho, a Swedish Youtuber and streamer who owns a game streaming channel with more than 0.8 crore subscribers.

Despite his popularity, Levinho real face and his personal information are still a mystery. Today, let’s unveil some unknown facts about him!

Levinho real face
Levinho is a popular name among PUBG Mobile players but his real face is lesser-known

Who is Levinho PUBG Mobile

Being one of the most famous PUBG Mobile players, Levinho whose real name is Brahim was born in 1999 and lives in a Mulism family in Sweden. He has been keen on playing video games and started to be known as a PUBG and PUBG Mobile star from 2018.

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Levinho Real face

Owning a youtube channel with 0.8 crore viewership and more than 100 crore of views in total, Levinho, however, has never shown his real face on social media. The hot gaming influencer once featured in a video of another streamer Panda but his face was covered and no one was able to see. Fortunately, there was rare footage of him and you need to check it right now:

Levinho Youtube Channel

You can easily find him on the video streaming platform with username Levinho. His account is all about PUBG and PUBG Mobile and most of his audience is from India. Take a look at his latest video:

Levinho PUBG Mobile ID

Levinho PUBG Mobile ID is 546590561 and here is Levinho statistics.

Levinho statistics

Levinho earning

There are several ways for a gaming influencer to rack up money. In fact, Levinho gets big deals from donations, membership, and video ads. Levinho income is said to be around 80,000-2.5 lakhs per month while his net worth is estimated at 12 lakh.

Above is the news about Levinho real face and his personal information. Visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertainment!

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