Fans of the shooter genre may not find the Call of Duty franchise a strange name. The FPS title started out in 2003 with Activision’s view on World War II. It has gone a long way since the initial release as CoD now reigns as one of the world’s most popular shooting titles. As of February 2016, the series sold over 250 million copies worldwide and reached topped the $15 million milestones. In October 2019, Activision shook hands with TiMi Studio - a subsidiary of Tencent Games to release CoD: Mobile to officially invade the portable platform. Today, let’s learn more about the perk system as well as the Call of Duty Mobile Overkill perk

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Call of Duty: Mobile is a take of the classic on the handheld platform

Call of Duty: Mobile has successfully captured the essence of the franchise’s previous games and brought them to mobile devices. It features various playable maps, characters, and modes that players may be familiar with in the original series. The game received favorable critics from the community, saying it “represents the best the juggernaut franchise has ever been on a handheld platform” - IGN, 2019. One of the many classic features that you can enjoy is the perk system. Let’s learn more about it, and along the way, we will answer the burning question of how to get the Call of Duty Mobile Overkill perk.

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Use the powerful wisely will make your road to triumph easier

Call of Duty Mobile Overkill Perk: the Perk System

Fans of the famed Call of Duty franchise may already know the ins and outs of the perk system. But if you’re new to the game, check out every information you need on these modifiers in CoD: Mobile. 

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Enjoy the famous FPS franchise right on your phone

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Perk System

Perks are the term used to call modifiers in Call of Duty: Mobile. It has been featured in various other installments of the series. You can access them in the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and more. Consider them passives that could further customize the playable classes. Perks affect the efficiency of characters and equipment, alter the state of the enemy's equipment as well as the physical properties of the player.

Perks Call Of Duty Mobile
Perks are modifiers used to give you advantages in fights

There are a total of 20 perks in the game, 2 unavailable right now, including the Call of Duty Mobile Overkill Perk. They are divided into three categories: Red, Green, and Blue. Players will get access to more of the perks as they level up in the game. That also may be a possible answer to how to unlock Overkill perk in Call of Duty Mobile. You can have up to three perk slots at levels 4, 6, and 12. The first set of perks players have access to is the Red collection. It consists of Fast Recover, Persistence, Lightweight, Agile, Flak Jacket, Skulker, and Overkill.

Call of Duty Mobile Overkill Perk Detail

Overkill is a perk that belongs to the Red category - the first to achieve in the game. Before we get to how to unlock Overkill perk in Call of Duty Mobile, let’s take some moment to learn more about it, and see what the fuzz is about. So, upon equipping the modifier, you will be able to use the Akimbo skill. It allows players to carry two primary weapons at the same time. Whether it’s AR, SMG, SR, or LMG, you now have the ability to bring two lethal guns into the battlefield. 

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Red Perk Overkill Per
The Overkill Perk allows you to carry two primary weapons

This would be a nice adjustment for those whose playstyles deeply rooted in games like Garena Free Fire or PUBG Mobile. Being able to carry two main weapons provides a sense of familiarity to help them get on with CoD Mobile faster. But, here’s a little side note: You can not have two of the same weapon at the same time. The Overkill perk simply doesn’t work that way. Yet, this is still an incredibly powerful modifier to break the game. That’s probably why many eager for the Call of Duty Mobile Overkill perk unlock.

How to Unlock Call of Duty Mobile Overkill Perk

Unfortunately for the CoD enthusiasts, the Overkill perk is currently unavailable in the game. There is a rumor that the modifier will come in the release of Season 9. However, the new season has already kicked off since August 16th and still no sign of it. We have very little information on which level will the Call of Duty Mobile Overkill perk unlock be accessible. Let’s cross our fingers and eagerly wait for the next content update.

Codm S9 Conquest
Sadly, it didn't come with the Season 9 Update

Call of Duty Mobile Overkill Perk Alternatives 

While we wait for details on how to get Overkill perk in Call of Duty Mobile, let’s check out some of the honorable mentions in the systems. Overkill isn’t the only powerful modifiers you can find in the game. There are also perks that definitely worth a try. 

  1. Vulture: Perfect for replenishing ammunition in Team DeathMatch. Allow you to pick up ammo from kills.
  2. Dead Silence: Move in silence without making any footstep noises, great for closing up your enemies. 
  3. Hardline: Increase Scorestreak points by 25% to activate Scorestreak items faster. 
  4. Agile: Reduce the Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed of guns after sprinting by 80%.
  5. Fast Recover: As the name may suggest, replenish your health 35% faster.
  6. Flack Jacket: Reduce explosive damage by 35%. 

That’s everything on our guide of how to get Overkill perk in Call of Duty Mobile as well as the game’s perk system. Unfortunately, the modifier is currently unavailable. It’s not even on the Battle Pass, so don’t waste your time finding it there. All we can do now is to wait for the publisher to drop Call of Duty Mobile Overkill perk. Stay tuned to for the fastest update.