To give you a relaxing time after an intense gaming session of PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile, the mobile game developer Sparse is scheduling their game for a later time this month. Spring Falls – a casual puzzle mobile game will be up for grab this November 17 on iOS and Steam.

The mobile game market is booming recently with so many detailed yet smooth game titles. Mobile gaming has become a large business just as significant as the PC game industry. We have various games with great graphics and game mechanics like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile to keep ourselves busy in intense gaming.

Spring Falls 01
Mobile games can be just as intense as PC games

Spring Falls - a mobile game to enjoy and relax

However, in case you want to wind down a bit and chill with music and a cute environment, this game is the right choice to pick up.

Spring Falls 02
Spring Falls will be a good game to pick up in case you want to have a chilling time

The game is a puzzle about pointing the way for water to reach wildflowers. You will utilize the hexagon tiles to bring water from the higher place all the way to blooming plants. Like other casual mobile games, Spring Falls places more emphasis on its beautiful graphics and chilling music. With 60 unique hand-crafted levels, it will be well worth the $3.99 price tag.

Spring Falls 03
The game delivers a great scenic environment coupled with easy-on-the-ear music

Spring Falls will come out this November 17 on App Store for iOS. The game is also planned for release on Steam for the same day. You can add the game to the wish list for a friendly reminder on Steam once it comes out. However, Spring Falls seems much better when played on an iOS phone.