Hunter Assassin is a fun puzzle game packed with actions and strategies for iOS. The game lets you play in the role of a rogue warrior – or rather – a hunter. He has to eliminate all the guards in each stage without being spotted and shot to death.

The game has soared in popularity recently, especially in India – a promising land for mobile games. Hunter Assassin has become the top 4 most downloaded free game in India last week, according to SensorTower. The game was also pretty popular in the US last month with a consistent spot in the top 2o popular games.

While the game is simple with its game concept, Hunter Assassin can be more challenging than what you expect. And we are here to give you some quick tips to have the best experience with Hunter Assassin.

Hunter Assassin 01 D130_wm
How to play Hunter Assassin the best way

Move step by step rather than go a long way

While the game is mostly about guiding your character around and assassinate those guards, it tends to lead you the wrong way. When you click on one destination, the pathfinding mechanics will always try to find the shortest route there, not the safest or efficient.

Hunter Assassin 02 A8b4_wm
Sometimes, the pathfinding system is just frustrating

This may lead to you getting spotted by guards in a most embarrassing way. Though you can still kill the guard, it will cost you a little health and yield fewer diamonds.

However, you can fix this easily by guiding your character step by step. Once you have figured out how to kill one guard, try to tap multiple steps in succession. This will ensure your character move in the most ideal direction, according to your calculation.

Sometimes, patience is the key

Though the game is packed with action when you have to act quickly to score a kill, Hunter Assassin is not always the same. Sometimes, you have to be patient and wait for it. In some stages, the chance will come at a specific time and you may have to play over and over to figure it out.

Hunter Assassin 03 7b5d_wm
Wait for it, the chance is open for those who wait patiently

This is a test of patience, as Hunter Assassin also has the puzzle factor in it. So, be wise and choose the right time to strike, and not just charging towards the guards like crazy.

Speed is better than endurance

Each character in the game offers some bonuses. While some characters have increased health, some have faster movements than the others.

Hunter Assassin 04 8db6_wm
Speed is crucial in Hunter Assassin

While more health is good, it gives you more chances to retry the level. Even if you get shot, more health means your character can endure more bullets.

However, what is the point of making the same mistake over and over? Isn’t offense the best way of defense? With better speed, your character can often outrun the guards before they even realize their demise is approaching.

So, one piece of advice: always go for speed in Hunter Assassin.