AVM Lab has just launched an intriguing app called MomentSQ. It's kind of like an on-demand story platform with which users can enjoy various interactive stories at any time. The service is already available for iOS right now with an Android version set to come later. To kick off, it is offering a game based on Aggretsuko, a popular anime on Netflix.

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MomentSQ is offering the popular Netflix anime Aggretsuko as an interactive game

The game is presented in the form of an instant message app, where you join a group chat with Retsuko – a red panda who loves death metal music – and all her friends. You will “chat” with them by picking from the various options that the game gives you.

Needless to say, different things you choose to say will lead to different outcomes, so basically it’s a decide-your-own-adventure type of game. Your ultimate goal is to build a good relationship with all the animals in the chat and become an important part of the group.

The first episode of Aggretsuko will be free, but subsequent ones after that – which will launch on a weekly basis – will require you to pay to play. It’s worth noting that you won’t directly be paying cash for these episodes. Instead, you need to purchase diamonds, MomentSQ’s premium currency, and then spend them to unlock the rest of the story.  Diamonds are offered in different bundles, ranging from £0.99 (Rs 90) for 10 diamonds to £48.99 (Rs 4500) for 650.

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The first episode will be available for free, but you'll have to pay to unlock the rest

MomentSQ also plans to expand its library in the future with additional stories of different genres as well. These stories will be a mixture of spinoffs of established franchises as well as completely original ones too.

Aggretsuko the interactive game will be available via the MomentSQ app with the first episode already offered for free right now. The app is set to make its way to the Android platform in the future, so stay tuned for more updates!