If you are getting bored Mario Kart Tour, then good news: You are getting an alternative relatively soon. Touring Karts Mobile Edition is an upcoming racer for mobile that’s set to enter beta in the near future, and the developer is currently looking for testers. It’s worth noting that this beta is available for iOS users exclusively, though the final game will also come to Android. Check out its trailer below:

Touring Karts is already available for PC as both a standard and a VR title. It is intended to be played from a first-person perspective, but there are also options for a 3rd-person-view and AR view if you prefer either of those instead. These PC versions will support cross-platform play with the mobile edition as well, and this feature will be available right in the upcoming beta.

Touring Karts E655_wm
Touring Karts is already available for PC

The game promises a campaign mode that includes five hundred challenges, which will allegedly take more than 120 hours to finish. In addition to that, there are also 3 online modes to put your skills to the test against other players, including Custom, Random Play, and Daily Cups.

In terms of the actual gameplay, there are 30 vehicles and 22 tracks, all of which are inspired by Formula 1. Of course, the game also offers tons of ways for you to customize your cars.

Touring Karts 2 1e26_wm
There are plenty of ways to customize your cars

The most interesting part of Touring Karts, though, lies in its plethora of power-ups, which you can combine for some incredibly fun effects. For example, if you find a banana peel, you can of course use it for the traditional trick of tossing it on the road so that others will trip over it. Alternatively, though, you can put it together with a rocket launcher, which will result in a banana launcher that surrounds your opponents with bananas, stunning them and making them lose controls when they move.

If you're on the lookout for a new racing game to replace Mario Kart Tour, you can head over to this link to register for the beta of Touring Karts Mobile Edition. From what its official website states, the game will launch sometime within this year, so at worst it’s just a couple of months away. Stay tuned for more updates.