We all love cute peculiar platformers, and the recently released Squish Machine is here to scratch that itch. The game features all sort of adorable characters and colorful and bright sprite art. Moreover, the same as every platformer, the game has its own objective and it is to avoid getting crushed by 2 spiky walls closing in from the top and the bottom of the player’s screen.

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The game is a fast-paced puzzle/action platformer. Every level leaves our character with only a few seconds to find a way out. Every checkpoint features a green door, which will be the key to another level and the player’s only way to escape as well.

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At first glance, this may look easy. However, the green door to your next level may not be as easily accessible as you think. Squish Machine comes with multiple hazardous obstacles and traps that your reflexes will be most likely put to the challenge. There are fire-breathing cannons, razor-sharp buzz saws, and spike balls that continuously swing back and forth. It is most likely that something else may get you rather than just the closing trap wall.

Squish Machine Trailer

The game also comes with various of playable-character skins such as Santa Claus, Vikings, a Bunny, a Puppy or even a broccoli head for some reason, as seen in the trailer above.

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The game was developed by Brad Erkkila, who has been previously known for his other awesome platformers including the popular FlipChamps Reloaded and Castle Pals. These two previous releases have been receiving high remarks from 2D platformer’ fans, which created a certain spark for their products. It is obvious that Squish Machine is worth a try for hardcore fans of this particular genre.

The game is now currently available for iOS devices on the App Store for free.