Chess Rush, Tencent’s take on the Auto Chess genre that launched last month, has finally opened its unique Co-op mode, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends. This mode will put two teams of 2 in a head-to-head battle to see who will be the last ones standing.

Chess Rush Launch Trailer

To make things even more exciting, the renowned developer is also releasing an update for this Co-op mode. Scheduled to go live on August 15, the update will support up to four players in a team, meaning matches will be even more hectic and intense. It is not confirmed whether it will become available for players all over the world at the same time, or some regions will get it before others, but it seems likely that every user who has installed the game regardless will be able to enjoy the new content as soon as it arrives regardless of their location.

Chess Rush Co Op
The co-op mode is live in the game right now

If you feel like August 15 is still too far away, another patch is coming in just a couple of days on August 8, promising to add several new features. Most notably, we’ll get 2 new characters to add to our rosters: The Undead Thief and the Undead Assassin. The first season of Chess Rush, titled The Rush Begins, will go live with the new patch as well.

Tencent has also confirmed that it plans to a lot more content to its game over the next few months, which is undoubtedly exciting news.

Chess Rush Heroes
The game features a wide variety of heroes, with more coming in future updates

It has just been roughly a month since Chess Rush was released, yet the game has enjoyed consistent growth in its player count. According to the latest statistics, the game already has more than one million downloads so far, which goes on to showcase how popular the Auto Chess genre is at the moment. Still, it’s worth noting that over one million is still a far cry from the five million that the OG Auto Chess has accumulated since it made its debut on the mobile platform. Chess Rush is still very young, though, so we’ll see whether it can catch up in the future.