Chess Rush Gameplay, is it interesting?

Auto Chess is the newest trend for mobile gaming at the moment. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, from Drodo Games, creator of the original Auto Chess, to Valve, and now, Tencent with Chess Rush.

Chess Rush basically popped up out of the blue, without any major announcement or tease leading up to its release. It provides a fairly customary Auto Chess expertise with 2 notable exceptions: a Turbo Mode that can condense the normal long battles into 10-minute affairs and co-op for people who prefer to play with their partners.

Chess Rush 03 Ptyg
Chess Rush for Mobile Version by Tencent.

Simple Control

While the battle phase takes place, your job is simply to sit back and watch the action plays out because your heroes will fight automatically. This implies that your winning is completely up to strategy, not fast response. That’s why you will need to master every detail of each single character, class as well as bonuses if you wish to reach the higher level.

Chess Rush is, at its core, a pretty customary Auto Chess experience with a wide collection of heroes, bonuses, and items for you to choose from. It offers a classic mode that plays the same as others as well as co-op and Turbo modes , which are exclusive to this Tencent release.

You could have plenty of options when it comes to Auto Chess games, so why select Chess Rush over Dota Underlords, the official Auto Chess, Area of Evolution or some others? Well, the answer is, mostly for the Turbo mode.

Chess Rush Tua Game Auto Chess Duoc Chinh Tencent
Somehow, it's not so hard to master Chess Rush through Turbo Mode.

Normally,  a Auto Chess match can prolong up to 40 minutes, which is fine when you’re sitting in front of a PC. However, you don’t usually have that luxury once you’re on the move. For that reason, Chess Rush provides Turbo Mode that will increase your mana and XP gain and cut down your health, thus shorten each match to only about 10 minutes

It’s simply one of the greatest Auto Chess-Likes on Mobile

The good news is that it actually doesn't change the core mechanics that much. Your usual strategies are still effective, everything will just be faster.  Interestingly, we will find it difficult to go back to the classic mode after enjoying Turbo, since now, we can play nearly 4 games in the same amount of time as one game of classic mode. 

Besides, the co-op mode is pretty neat as well. With this, you can team up with your friends and create brand-new strategies that only works when there are two people. It would bring one thing distinctive to the formula. Surely, many Chess players will make the jump over to Chess Rush just for that.

Chess Rush Tencent Autobattle Auto Chess 620x349
The game offers a wide collection of heroes to choose from

Then there’s the graphics and presentation overall. Clearly, Tencent has put a lot of effort into this aspect to make the game eye-catching, which is a wise move . With the Auto Chess market quickly coming to a point of sarutation, a game needs to do everything in its power in order to stand out, and honestly, what Chess Rush has is about as good as it can get.

At the end of the day, how much time you spend on this game will depend on how much you like the Auto Chess genre as a whole. Chess Rush doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, but it does offer a decent alternative with its polished visuals and new game modes. It's certainly one of the best Auto Chess games for mobile at the moment.