Released early this year, the Dota 2 Mod Auto Chess from studio Drodo Games achieved a massive (and somewhat unexpected) success, which has caused many developers to try and copy the formula, effectively spawning a brand new game genre. Now, though, it seems the market has reached a point of saturation with Valve and Drodo each having their own version of Auto Chess, and League of Legends also getting an Auto Chess mode titled Teamfight Tactics recently.

Chess Rush
A new Auto Chess game from Tencent

That doesn’t stop the Chinese titan Tencent Games from jumping into the fray, however. The company has just announced that it is launching a new Auto Chess game of its own. Titled “Chess Rush”, this new game is set to release in just a few days on both Android and iOS.

In any case, given that Tencent has already had several hit games to its name such as PUBG Mobile or Arena of Valor, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what this new release brings to the table.

Chess Rush will reportedly follow the traditional Auto Chess formula in which 8 players will pick from a collection of over 50 heroes to build their own team to battle it out on an 8x8 board. Moreover, it will also feature a co-op mode that allows players to play with friends and compete against other teams.

Chess Rush Battle
Pick from 50+ heroes to fight on an 8x8 battlefield

Initial pictures of Chess Rush have promised that it will not include any pay-to-win element and that strategy will be the factor that determines victory. Global servers are going to be available at launch, delivering a smooth gameplay experience right from the get-go.

The game will have 2 gameplay modes: Classic and Turbo. Not a lot of details are available about these modes at the moment, so it remains to be seen what they have to offer. However, we do know that the gameplay has been streamlined to better suit the nature of the mobile platform, so each match will be faster than what we see in Dota Underlords or the likes, lasting only about 10 minutes.

Chess Rush Match
Matches will be faster

For more information on Chess Rush, stay tuned.