The legendary game series has come to the most loved device in the world when Civilization 6 has officially been released on the Apple Store. The game is a free download with a 3.4GB worth of expected storage. What does this mean? It means that you can download and play the game for free for the first 60 turns, after that you will need to pay an amount of $24. This is due to a discount program that will be running until October 16, after that day the price will revert back to the original value of $60.




You may think that this is quite a lot for an iPhone game. However, this is not just any game, it is the complete legendary Civilization 6, with no aspect that is different from the original game on PC. In addition, the ones that have already been playing Civ 6 since its release on iPad last year can now play it on iPhone too, as the game is universal.

I personally still have skepticism about how good the game can fit on the iPhone and how hard the hardware will be forced to work to run the game. After all, I am sure none of us like the idea of our pockets being set on fire.


Furthermore, Civ 6 is due to be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 16 of this year so you guys who own a Switch can rejoice.

The original game was debut on PC two years ago in 2016. It effectively rebooted the Civilization series with a completely new director. This decision has proven to be a genius idea as the game has been continuously praised for its robust, eye-catching and rich design since the day it was introduced. In a review on Civ 6 for Eurogamer, Stace Harnan wrote that the game was able to add in its own wonderful features while simultaneously harness the greatest strengths.