Finally, Supercell has confirmed that Clash Royale League World Finals will be held on 1st December in Tokyo and the winner will get the prize of 1 million dollars and become the first Clash Royale League World Champions!

Supercell hopes that this event can draw people’s attention to Clash Royale with its real-time multiplayer online battle arena gaming style. Clash Royale is believed to bring to Supercell most of its annual 2 billion revenue. Clash Royale also take a large share of the mobile market which is estimated to reach 70 billion dollars this year according to research firm Newzoo projects.


The finals will be held at Makuhari Messe which is one of the largest convention centers in Japan. The events will take place all day and you will have a chance to witness the last tournaments between the top teams from global regions and the top teams from Japan, There will be only one winner who will get the Golden Crown Trophy and become the first Clash Royale League World Champions and so on.

Chris Cho, Clash Royale League commissioner said:” The Clash Royale League is such a global competition, and after hosting the World Finals for our individual competition last year in London, we can’t wait to bring CRL World Finals to our fans on the other side of the world in Japan,” According to Chris Japan was one of the top teams during this year’s CRL 20-win Challenge and had big contribution in spreading passion to  top-level players and casual players. Fans all over the world who will watch live in Tokyo or through phones won't be disappointed in this biggest celebration of Clash Royale gameplay.

This year, there are 44 teams who are famous for their eSport tradition around the world joined the CRL season including North America’s Cloud9, Team SoloMid, NRG, Complexity, Tribe Gaming, Immortals, 100 Thieves and Counter Logic Gaming, Europe’s Team Liquid, Team Queso, Team Dignitas, Allegiance, , Fnatic, G2 Esports, SK Gaming, and Misfits.

Cr Worldfinals 3d Render 1

And now its time to watch the last fall season and you only need to spend $13 to participate in the live events. If you can't, you can watch live on Clash Royale Esports YouTube channel.

Fuchi, Japan’s Ponos Sports Clash Royale team player said: “We feel very proud and honored to have the first-ever Clash Royale League World Finals in our home country”. Fuchi believed that mobile esports are becoming more and more popular in Japan today so the CRL World Finals held in Japan is very special to him. Last year, he lost the Champion at the Clash Royale Global Series took place in London and now its time for revenge. It will be a miracle if the Japanese win first CRL World Finals which is held in Japan.

Supercell said that there were 25 million players tried to attend the competition to attend the inaugural year of Clash Royale League early this year but only 700 players from 113 countries were able to move to the next round.

The competition will officially begin when the additional online qualifying rounds and the regional Combine events which introduce these players to pro teams finish. At this event, CRL’s five regional top teams will come to Tokyo to compete against Japanese top teams.