COD Mobile has been one of the most-played battle royale games since its release in 2018. Just like other titles in this genre, the game offers different ways to record players’ achievements according to their scorestreaks or medals earned from previous matches. 

Cod Mobile Medal

The total number of in-game medals is up to 85, with 42 of which can only be claimed in the multiplayer mode. 

While most of the medals can take a great deal of effort to achieve, some actually take very little time from players to have them in their profile. Take a look at the list below of medals that are very easy to get. 

  • Bull’s Eye 

Bulls Eye

Bull’s Eye is one of the scorestreak medals which can only be obtained in the multiplayer mode. 

Players earn this by reaching the score limit required during the Hunter-Killer Drone scorestreak, which includes activating the drone to automatically find and eliminate an enemy. 

  • Never Give Up

Never Give Up

The “Never Give Up” is in the kill medals category and doesn’t take much of the players' effort and skills to achieve. 

However, keep in mind that it has limited knockdown times in each BR match, three times to be more specific. 

  • Medic


This medal is also categorized in the kill medals category and is claimable in the BR mode. In order to own the Medic medal, players have to heal more than 200 HP and stay alive long enough throughout a single BR match.  

Getting involved in gunfights is one of the most suitable situations to use healing tools and recover up to 200 HP.

  • Berserker


The killstreak medal in the multiplayer mode requires players to eliminate 3 enemies in a row and still survive. 

This is quite easy as players can remain alive while laying low and waiting for 3 random unlucky opponents to enter their sight. 

  • Worm


Players can earn the “Worm medal” by playing both in BR and multiplayer modes of the game, except for the warfare mode. 

In a match, players can choose any spots on the map and have to be prone on the ground for more than 3 minutes. This can be considered as the easiest requirements of all mentioned above.  

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