Recently, at  E3 2018 conference, EA announced that the mobile version of Command & Conquer: Rivals will be released on 4th December. The return of Command & Conquer, a symbol  of RTS game, has received a lot attention from the original version’s fan. Unfortunately, it is quite negative because fans think EA is killing this famous franchise.

Up to now, the official reveal trailer has 61 thousand dislikes from users with many disagreement comments while only 2.9 thousand people like this video. However, EA still puts their hope in this game and assertively confirmed that it is a true RTS game, which sticks to the franchise. This is the brief description of Rivals' gameplay:

Unlike games with “drop-and-watch” mechanics, players in Rivals maintain 100% control of their units at all times, adding immense strategy and depth to a fun, frenetic and fair gameplay experience.

EA also has an ambition of turning this game into an eSport and they believe that Rivals is a very competitive game which can be compared to the originals. Evan Denbaum, Command & Conquer: Rivals Competitive Gaming Commissioner says that they are trying their best to bring users the best experience when playing this game. Above all, they want to have a tight connection with the gamer community to make the game more attractive and suitable to their wish. Every feedback is welcomed.

A screenshot of the pre-beta

Therefore, if players are curious about this game before it is officially launched in December, they can have a free-beta version by tapping the pre-register on Google Play. However, the pre-beta is currently only available on Android.

Until now, fans of Command & Conquer original series are still hoping for a PC version comeback. Acknowledging that, an EA representative reassures that they haven't forgotten about the PC version and they are finding the best way to make it great again. Besides, They are also considering about remastering the classic PC games.

There is still too early to judge the quality of this game. We should wait for more information from EA and their official announcements.