Free Fire has introduced a new interesting event, Free Fire Draw A Dino Event, with a lot of attractive rewards. This event will last from August 4th to 10th, 2020. Here are the full details of this event and how to get exclusive rewards. Check it out with

Free Fire Draw A Dino Event Full Details

Free Fire Draw A Dino event brings players many rewards, including the Denim Dino suite and Taunting Dino Gloo Wall skin. To win these rewards, you should draw on a green board. The system will give you a small reward for each draw you make. However, you need to pay diamonds to draw. Players have to pay 20 diamonds for 1 draw and 90 diamonds for 5 draws.

Free Fire Draw A Dino
Free Fire Draw A Dino event brings players many rewards

The prize pool includes some small rewards, such as Gun Boxes, Scan Playcard, Pet Food, and many grand prizes, including Demin Dino Suit and Taunting Dino Gloo Wall skin. Besides, you also collect Lucky Points when you make draws. When the Lucky Point bar gets higher, you get more chances to get the grand prizes.

Draw Here
You Will Draw Here

Once you get one of those grand prizes of this event, the Lucky Point Will be reset. The rewards will be sent to your Vault. If you get one prize twice, you will receive a Free Fire token instead.

Get Rewards
You will get rewards for everything you draw

You don't know how to draw a dino? Don't worry because the system will never know what you are drawing. You can get rewards and points for whatever you draw on the given board as long as you don't remove your finger from the board. The system will reward all your drawings. So, all players can join this Free Fire limited event and get grand rewards.

Taunting Dino Gloo Wall Skin
Taunting Dino Gloo Wall Skin