Free Fire has introduced a new Golden skin for the legendary pistol G18. This exclusive skin is the grand prize of the current Clash Squad Rank season 2. Here is the guide on how to get this skin for free. Check it out with

How To Get Free Fire Golden G18 Skin For Free

Free Fire is giving away G18 Golden Skin for free as a Clash Squad Ranked season 2 reward for players. This event started at 2.30 pm on July 30th, 2020. And players will have a lot of time to complete the mission and get this reward. The event will end after 1 p.m on September 24th.

Clash Squad Season 2 Reward
Clash Squad Rank Season 2 Reward

If you still remember, the reward for players who reached the Gold III Tier in Clash Squad season 1 was the Golden Desert Eagle Skin. The exclusive reward for the Clash Squad Ranked mode this season is a Gold Skin for the legendary pistol G18. You can claim it during the event when you reach the Gold III Tier. Therefore, you need to push rank in Clash Squad Rank mode only.

Golden G18
Golden G18 Skin

This exclusive skin will make your pistol look better and help you win the first round od Clash Squad Rank marches. Let me remind you that in this game mode, you will start with this pistol and have to win to upgrade your weapon in the next round.

In addition, the game also gives you many other rewards apart from this grand prize. Free Fire players can receive many small rewards when they rank up, such as Vouchers, Character Fragments, Play cards, etc. But only by reaching Gold III Tier can you claim the grand prize of Golden G18 Skin. So, you should focus on pushing rank to get this exclusive skin for free before the season ends.