The newly-released Sociable Soccer promises to be a visually impressive, fast-paced experience that strives to deliver a considerable amount of depth while still remaining to the majority of users. You'll be able to either manage your own soccer team from the background or take direct controls of the players to face off against other people in intense online matches. Check out its trailer below:

The game is a joint effort between several studios including Rogue Games, Combo Breaker, and Tower Studios.  It aims to bring to players console-quality visuals running at 60 FPS, and there’s also support for MFi controllers. Even without that, though, the base control scheme can also be customized extensively to satisfy your preferences and needs. It is also said to include 1000 renowned international clubs as well as 25,000 players to collect at launch, all of whom are created based on real-world stars.

Sensible Soccer Apple Arcade Featured B5d0_wm
Thousands of players to collect

There is also a wide variety of game modes on offer, from a massive singleplayer campaign that allegedly lasts a whopping 60 hours to an online Seasonal League System. If you have competitive blood in you, you can always pick your favorite team and try to achieve a high position on the ranking board with it.

Alternatively, if you just want a game to enjoy with some of your friends, Sociable Soccer is actually a solid option as well: As long as you are in the same room, you can link your devices locally for a great time together. Fancy playing on the big screen instead? As long as you have an iPad Pro or another device of similar capacities and a Bluetooth controller, you can use an HDMI cable to connect them to your TV. Basically, whatever you desire, the developers have got your back!

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There is something for everyone in Sociable Soccer

Football games have always been pretty tricky to pull off on the mobile platform, but given the fact that Rogue Games has already given us several impressive titles such as Hexaflip or Super Impossible Road, we have pretty high hopes about this one. Sociable Soccer is currently available as part of Apple Arcade.