It is time that we need to admit to ourselves that we will never get enough of soccer. We watch it on TV, live and recorded. We write about it, then talk about it before, during and after the actual match. Now it is time to get the 100th iteration of yet another virtual soccer game.

To get you even more ecstatic, here’s the trailer for Football Manager 2020:

Football Manager: The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen - they must be felt with the heart

Football Manager is a series of football management simulation video games developed by Sports Interactive. The game was first launched in 1992 as Championship Manager. However, after breaking up with original publishers Eidos Interactive, Sports Interactive lost the naming rights. They had to rename the game into Football Manager. The latest version of Football Manager, Football Manager 2019, was out on the 2nd of November last year.

Football Manager 2019 was, and is still, a great success according to many fans. The game requires very little commitment, which fits most adults’ busy schedules. It’s absolutely perfect for a commute trip, a flight or sitting on the beach.

Custom your team down to every single member

According to Sports Interactive, the new Football Manager 2020 will be released on November 19 this year. The game promises to deliver even more than its previous version by providing lots of improved functions.

You can now expect better club vision. The developer decided to overhaul the entire boardroom experience to make it more team-specific and integrated that into the long-term progression of the club. The graphics will also be superb. Not only that, you will have better support staff and awesome player development.

You may take a glimpse of the game functions here:

Sports Interactive also states that Football Manager Switch and Stadia’s release dates are "coming soon." These platforms will be getting the Touch version for this exciting game.