Football Manager 2020, the latest addition to SEGA’s popular football management series, has officially arrived on both Android and iOS. As is typical for annual titles, this one has received several major changes compared to its predecessor as well as some minor additions that only the most dedicated Football Manager veterans can notice.

These changes include an overhauled youth system, new rivalries, reserve teams and competitions, and revamped media interactions. You'll also have the chance to manage a team from the Greek or Danish leagues as well.

Over the years, the mobile versions of Football Manager have always been pretty well-received by the community, largely thanks to the fact that they were designed to offer a more streamlined experience compared to their heavily involved PC counterparts, which makes them easier to enjoy on the go. Seasons will go by a lot quicker here, so you’ll get to see your labor comes to fruition sooner.

Alternatively, if you still want to get more involved in the game but with more portability than what a laptop can deliver, then Football Manager 2020 Touch is another solid option. This one is made with tablets in mind, and it utilizes the advantage of a larger screen to give players an experience that's relatively close to the PC version.

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Football Manager 2020 Touch delivers an experience closer to the PC version

Several features are included in this Touch version, such as a development center which allows you to have closer supervision over young players with potentials. You can also come up with a club vision, which means setting objectives to achieve every season. Doing so will help create an identity for your club. This in turn will have an impact on the team’s playstyle, transfers, and how you're expected to perform.

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Both the Mobile and the Touch versions are now available on Google Play and the App Store

Football Manager 2020 Mobile is now up for purchase on both Google Play and the App Store as a premium app priced at £8.99 (Rs 835). Likewise, you can also get Football Manager 2020 Touch from both of those stores, but it comes with a higher price tag of £19.99 (Rs 1850).