The game is actually not released yet, at least not till the next few weeks. However, the beta version of the game should be able to keep you occupied until then. The beta is now live, with the beta version, you will have access to almost anything of the game. This brings essentially early access to the ones who have already pre-ordered. If you have the access to the beta, don’t worry about your date or progress being lost. You will be capable of transferring them to the full version once it’s released.

Furthermore, the beta version will be available for you to install automatically on Steam when you log in for the next time if you have already bought the game. If you have not bought the game but instead got the access from a “participating digital retailer”, to install the beta you will first have to receive an email enclosed with the code for the game. Then on the “Active a Product” menu on the website, plug the code and install the beta.

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As the beta only brings you most of the game, there will certainly be some limitations. You can play the game online, still, you can’t get access to the Workshop of Steam or the editor of the game before the official release. The developers warn us as well about “some bugs and issues” that may appear in the beta but will definitely be wiped out before the game is actually released.

Game thủ đang mong đợi điều gì trong Football Manager 2019?

It’s not too late now to get the game for yourself. Starting from now until the 2nd of November, which is the release, you will get access to the beta for purchasing the game. You will also earn a discount of 10% which brings the price of the game down to only $44.99 / £34.19 / €49.49.